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New York, I.T. Management Services

Web, Cloud & Remote Deskside Support

Support for small & medium sized businesses

Web Site Development

Simple, fast & easy, from web authoring to site design we handle every aspect of the project. Most projects are completed within 2 weeks.

Email Management Services

We utilize the internet’s top service providers. Remote Email application installs creation, restriction, permissions, sharing & more....

Deskside Services

Remote desk side services for small & medium sized businesses. Network, application errors, email support, user creation & management...

Online Advertising

Advertise on the internet’s most popular websites & Search Engines. Easy setup, no contract & no minimum to start, give us a call to get started.

Search Engine Optimization

The most cost effective way to have your website reach those searching for you. Landing Pages, Keyword adjustments & online advertising is just a small part of what we do.

Remote Backup Services

We offer remote backup solutions that will slash the cost and have you moving forward with ease. Backup to the cloud, your own server or network. Plans start at only $45.00...

New York, Information Technology & Computer Services

Amazing Service the instant you call. Remote desk side support, email management services
Web Site development and so much more.

Support The Instant You Call
Phones are answered by technicians

Get answers to your questions the moment you call. All of our technicians are located in New York and work to provide cost effective solutions for all of our clients.

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Fast, Cost Effective Services
Cost effective & practicle

No minimum online advertising, effective landing page design & management, Remote desk side support and so much more.

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Personalized Services
Customized IT services as per your needs

Combining our customized remote IT services with other vendors you currently use would greatly reduce your total IT costs & overhead.

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Get a website for less than expected

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Professional IT Services Made Simple.
Give us a call and find out how much you can save.

Getting a website is now easier than ever

Plans starting at only $35.00 per month.
Why spend thousands when you can get a web site for a low monthly fee.

Web Site Development & Optimization

NY IT Management creates & manages your website. Management services for a better online listing, online advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & so much more.

Website Services Deskside Support
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